Are you having problems that your VoIP provider is unable to solve? Do you miss calls, experience delay and garble in the audio? Are you sometimes not able to hear your callers, or callers not able to hear you? Are your VoIP calls dropping?

Are you paying for multiple Internet connections because you have been told it's required for VoIP?

These are common problems with VoIP, that are not easy to solve. There are many myths surrounding VoIP, and experience is the key to putting together a solid VoIP environment. Communications has been a passion for JamKo Force Networks' President and CEO, James Kockler, since he was a child. Communication is vital in all aspects of our existence. When it comes to your investment in communications services, you want the people providing your VoIP service to be in the business because they are passionate about what they do. That is why we are here.

 JamKo Force Networks is an FCC registered Telecommunications Carrier, which allows us to leverage the best possible rates for our customers on domestic and international calling. We operate our VoIP servers out of two datacenters, separated geographically by 1300 miles. Our infrastructure topology is built with geographic redundancy, which means if a natural disaster brings down connections to our Florida datacenter, our customers still have service.  This is because our Northeastern United States datacenter, will still be operational.  Making sure your VoIP service provider operates with geographic redundancy, is the first question you should ask. If we go down, you stay up.

We specialize in VoIP, but not only are we a VoIP service provider, we also fix our competitor's setups. If you want to stay with the competition, but resolve problems with their service, we can help. 


 Should you decide to make JamKo your VoIP provider, you get the following and more:

- Unlimited Simultaneous Calls (Ask us about Robo-Dialers, and International Calling Plans)

- Free Support

- Mobile Device Compatibility - Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, all tie into your VoIP system.

- Voice Conferencing

- Automated Attendants

- Dial By Name Directories

- Unlimited Extensions

- Voicemail

- Advanced IVR functions

- Call Center Solutions

- We offer Toll Free Numbers, and Local Phone Numbers from any area code. You are not limited to the typical area code of your location. For example, we can make a New York or California phone number ring to your office in Southwest Florida.

- Residential Services Available.

- And More....


 - When switching from non-voip providers, we will lower the cost of your phone bill by as much as 50%, and in the business environment, bring your organization's telecommunication platform to the next level.

- Imagine having employees in separate locations communicate as if they are all under one roof.  A call comes into your main office, and with a simple transfer, the call is sent to a branch office without having to access an outside line.

- Voice Conferencing is the missing link in most phone systems. Businesses spend a ton of money on obtuse phone systems, which do not unify. JamKo’s Phone Service solution includes all the features you will ever need in a phone system, including:

JamKo Voice, a VoIP Telephone Service, is saving businesses and residences money, from Naples, and Fort Myers Florida, to New Jersey, New York City, and worldwide.

In addition to the best in VoIP Telephone Service, JamKo Voice also offers you all of the features of a complex, expensive phone system, for free!  Our service puts the phone system features into the "cloud", once again saving you time and money.  Gone are the days of having to fork over 10's of thousands of dollars on expensive, clunky, and usually obtuse phone systemsJamKo manages and supports the phone system features as part of your service, and you never pay a dime for support or maintenance.

The technical aspects of the telephone service we offer, may be confusing to the average user.  In this case, just think of it as telephone service, with features the competition does not offer, for less money than you are paying now.

Contact us today for a free quote on saving you money on telephone service!

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